Are you Autumn Winter ready?

Ok so summer may be over. Well, actually, it never arrived. We are all hoping for that one final wear out of that gorgeous white summer dress, or summer heels, but feeling slightly ridiculous shivering on the walk to work, knowing that the time has come to do the dreaded change over from our summer wardrobe to winter wear.

 I love Winter clothes. Chunky knitwear, smart coats, gorgeous boots. But transitioning from Summer to Autumn can be a nightmare. Too hot for full on polo necks, too chilly for bare leg. This in between season newly named ‘Sortumn’ has us scrabbling around in the mornings looking for the right outfit, shoes and jacket. This all too often leads to us feeling mis matched and therefore not comfortable in our style choice. Feel familiar?

 For me the key to having a great style everyday, whether that be heading to work, the school run, a weekend brunch or a day out shopping, is as much about how organised your wardrobe is, as it is piecing together accessories and textures to ensure comfort and confidence, all at once.

 It is crucial to take some time to organise your wardrobe! This may seem daunting but pour yourself a glass of wine and throw on some fab music and it ends up being quite a fun and productive few hours…..

 So, first things first….

Make some space! Try on clothes you haven’t worn for ages – if they still fit and you think you can bring it back to life with a re-style, amazing. If not take it to the local charity shop or sell it – apps like Vinted are great for this.

Colour code – this may sound crazy, but this helps you ‘dress to your mood’ and find things easily. That green top you know you have somewhere……so much easier to find if they are all together.

Group clothes into different ‘scenarios’. For example, if you wear a lot of tailored suits and tops to work, keep them in one space. If there are dresses you would only wear to a party, keep them together. The same for workout and lounge wear. This may seem obvious – but you will be amazed at how quickly things get muddled, leading to a frantic morning search, which let’s face it, none of us have time for. Then you can easily pull items from each section and mix them together to create a different look.

  Accessories – key to elevating a look!    Get a gorgeous jewellery stand or unit    to keep everything displayed and close to hand.



  Shoes – store in a rack or in their       boxes with a little label on the front (my   shoes come with a little hummingbird   sticker on the side – so you will be able   to find them quickly!) End of bed   storage trunks are great for shoes!   Also prepare the shoes you already own by getting them re-heeled or soled – they will look brand new again. 

Now that your wardrobe is in a more organised fashion – and you are actually able to see the clothes you own (with summer dresses stuffed firmly in the loft) you can start to play around with your style.

Look at footwear that can take you from Summer, into Autumn. Perhaps versatile flats (check out the HILLSTAR 10 in 3 gorgeous metallic trans seasonal shades gold, petrol and khaki), shoe boots, or an open toe mule that can still be worn when cold (so long as it is dry) but can be worn with jeans, suits and dresses. Choose your footwear first. See how that affects what the rest of the outfit will look like.

Layering with textures is key. This can add an edge to your style if you mix leathers with wool and silk. Adding a funky belt elevates the look. Sandro have some amazing pieces, from smart tailoring to silk dresses and leather pleat skirts.

 Sandro Paris


Jewellery – for me I love rings and something a bit different. I get so many compliments on my jewellery. Try Les Nereides Paris, or Kate Spade, New York. A long pendant can look amazing with any shirt dress, jumper or suit. Have fun with your accessories!




Funky tights – they do not need to be dull. If you feel like wearing a block colour dress, opt for some fashion statement tights that can be worn with boots in the day and a sexy designer heel in the evening. I love Calzedonia –


If you have a lot of spare time (I am thinking that you don’t!), style apps can be a good way to electronically log all your key clothes and shoes, which will automatically suggest an outfit, pulling together various pieces that you already own. Try Closet+ or Stylebook.

Let me know if you have any great style / organising tips in the comments box below or drop me an email at or DM me on Instagram

 Have fun! X

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