Laura’s Story ….

I have always loved shoes from a very young age. My passion for art and design led me to work in various creative industries over the years but I was never really fulfilled.

I found myself sketching shoes in my spare time and after applying to LCF and Istituto Marangoni, I was awarded a Scholarship in shoe design. I left my day job and moved to Florence, Italy, to follow my life-long passion.

I always dreamt of creating a brand that represented my journey. More importantly, a celebration of the vibrancy of life translated into beautiful designs and an array of colour.

I decided to design a small collection of bold, original footwear. I wanted to make any woman feel fabulous no matter what age, shape or size. I think I’ve poured a bit of artistic magic and a little love into each design, which I hope comes across in the Laura See experience.

My designs have always focused on injecting colour and art into shoes – all of the prints are my own original artwork printed onto gorgeous leather - it’s that little detail that makes my shoe designs unique. I want the women who wear them to stand out from the crowd.

My mission is to create beautiful shoes that will make women look and feel special. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey.

The Laura See Woman…

At Laura See London we make luxurious, high quality footwear for fun, fearless and positive women. Women who know who they are and where they’re going.

With every Laura See shoe they wear, we want women to feel sexy, unique and ready for anything – no matter where the day or night may take them.

Our Laura See woman will always embrace the opportunity to follow an adventure and make a bold or subtle statement, but a statement no less.

Whatever the scenario, we’ve got your feet covered beautifully.

The Hummingbird

The smallest of all birds, the hummingbird represents movement, beauty and determination. The perfect emblem for our brand, it features on the sole of every shoe. Every style is named after a type of hummingbird. This unique signature detail will hopefully remind you to live life to the full and to celebrate your own mighty, unique, power – however you choose to express it.