We believe in quality over quantity and work hard to consider sustainability within every part of the design process. Investing in luxury craftsmanship, durable materials and buying quality that lasts is one of the best ways to support sustainable fashion.


Our creations shimmer with creativity and style and are lovingly made using the finest materials by the highest skilled artisans in Italy. We keep collections small, to minimise waste.

We only use leather from the food chain, off cuts or previous season’s materials and source recyclable accessories wherever possible. Each element is carefully considered.

We will never use real fur, exotic skins or real feathers. Only well-made imitations.


We partner with companies who provide quality packaging and who are passionate about being Earth friendly as we are. Therefore, we live by a zero plastics policy.

All of our packaging is reusable including the shoe box, acid free tissue and ribbon. By keeping your shoes in our gorgeous dust bag, you prolong the life of your shoes.

To do our part, for every order we place on tissue and branded stickers, we support the NOISSUE plant a tree programme to offset any carbon footprint. Therefore, we happily select a country to plant a tree, as we want to give back.


Laura See London has received an 'Honourable Mention' in the 2021 Global Footwear Awards, focusing on the brands use of leather from the food chain, existing leather supplies and producing in small quantities to avoid unnecessary waste.

Laura says, ''Buying quality, well made products from unique, independent brands is the best way to be sustainable. You pay more, but you are paying for quality which will last.''