Colour – Friend or Foe?

When you reach into your wardrobe first thing in the morning, what defines what you will wear that day? Is it where you are going? The weather? Or simply what makes you feel most comfortable? How much does colour have an impact on what you will choose to wear and more importantly, how you will feel wearing it?  

Having worked in an office for many years I understand the need to dress smart, look professional and yet try to keep that little bit of individuality that can get lost in the day to day grind. Some days it seems we wear nothing but black, muted greens or basic beige…. which is where a lot of us are most comfortable. Those hot pink shoes are just too loud, or that multi print top is for special occasions – so what do we do? We stick with the safer option as they ‘go with more’. And our choices can become slightly drab and unexciting.

Looking cool but understated can be a challenge.

Timeless and classic black, whilst every woman’s wardrobe staple, is the colour of sadness…. and wearing it every day will certainly have an impact on your mind.

Reds, greens, yellows and orange are said to trigger positive energies within the brain which will in turn have you skipping out of the front door ready to take on the world!

I’ve come to realise that choosing the more muted shades certainly serve their purpose for being versatile, but when we inject different colours and prints into our everyday attire, it completely changes our mood, our attitude, our fearlessness.

We are all guilty at times of playing it safe. But a splash of colour in the right places can be a girl’s best friend.

Mix it up with a funky print to really release those happy endorphins! Invest in playful shoes and accessories to pair with jeans and a t-shirt, or to liven up that classic cocktail dress… black, of course.

It is actually so much easier to add small amounts of fun, bold design with accessories, as it is win-win. You can still wear the go-to everyday staples that won’t have you doubting your overly loud choice of trousers in the conference room, or feeling like you are dressed for a wedding on the school run, BUT…. Bringing a little life to your feet, well that is a game changer and it will actually make you feel more confident. Comfortable in your decision to stand out from the crowd.

Next time you go to your wardrobe and tirelessly pull out the same pieces that you don’t know how to bring back to life, ask yourself this; ‘why can’t I wear those neon shoes I haven’t worn for ages?’ Because you CAN and you SHOULD! It will make the world of difference to your day.

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