New Year, New Shoe?

January is the month where we seem to struggle. Christmas is over, the money is spent and we face heading back to work feeling demotivated. If only we could click our heels 3 times and be on a desert island somewhere….Spritz anyone?

This year we need to think differently. It doesn’t need to be ‘New Year, New You’ – there was nothing wrong with the old you. BUT, we can try to shift our perspective and put a positive spin on the months ahead.

We should look at January as a chance to try again. Get organised. Sort your wardrobe. Get work ready. Go easy on yourself. Reinvent your style. Buy the shoes. Meet new people. Book that trip (finally!) The possibilities are endless. It is a clean slate. We have the whole year ahead and we can make it whatever we want it to be.

Isn’t it always better to aim high (yes, I say this wearing heels…) then to aim for nothing at all? As I have learnt this past year, sometimes things fail, but you learn a lesson. Sometimes plans exceed all expectations. What is the worst that can happen?

In January, I will be working on artwork prints for some new shoes that I am designing – a mix of flats and heels that will, as always, bring a splash of fun and luxury to your footwear. I want you to look and feel amazing in the shoes that I create – all day comfort mixed with stylish and sexy silhouettes.

So that YOU can feel brand new – all year round.
















Make this the year that you do what you love. And make January all about you.




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