What's your Era?

As a teenager growing up in the 90’s, I realise now how lucky I was. One of those eras being surrounded by pop culture, grunge, bootcut jeans and the rise of bands such as Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene and Coldplay. I am pretty sure I attended some dark, underground gigs and watched these bands before they were famous and could never have apprehended how lucky I was to witness such talent, so early on.

Whilst I was happy to see the back of 90’s fashion – only to see it fully re-emerge a few years ago, it did of course bring back a certain nostalgia. An appreciation of the time I grew up in, what was happening in the world and how life seemed much simpler then. Even amongst the chaos.

But what if you could go back and do it all again? Would you remain in the era you became accustomed to and take in every precious moment, or would you belong to a different time altogether?

Most eras can hold their own. But some seem more memorable than others. TV, fashion and film have all played a part and allow us to imagine ourselves in that time. Perhaps with better music, better clothes, better experiences.

For me, it has always been the 1920’s. That razmataz time of speakeasies, short dresses, t-bar shoes and the realisation after the war that women were not going to take a back seat any longer. Of course, like many eras, the 1920’s was only fun and frivolous for those with money - with the 1929 crash seeing unemployment and homelessness rise drastically.   


But for me, the fashion stands out. Feathers, fringing and sequins. Women felt free and wanted to express themselves through their clothes, dancing and the odd gin in a teacup.

I always think there is an elegance to the 1920’s wardrobe, with a mix of textures made for comfort, whilst remaining sexy and wearable.

This year we see a re-emergence from our post lock-down war and can begin to understand what it feels like to be back to a new normal, whatever that may look like. This Autumn / Winter season is our time to have fun again. A slight nod to that 1920’s era that saw everything change.

For AW 21/22 I have designed shoes to include delicate feathering, soft suedes, t-bar straps and flat mules that are just as flattering as slippers as they are for outdoor wear – whilst remaining plush, comfortable and luxurious. Shoes that are meant to be worn and will make you feel amazing, whether at home or at a long awaited party….

So what era are you? And how will you be styling yourself this Autumn/ Winter? I would love to know what fashion you miss and what you would love to see return. Drop me an email at info@lauraseelondon.com DM me on Instagram @lauraseelondon.com or leave a comment below x 


Laura x



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